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Arcade GE

To overview
The One-End Bottle Cleaning Machine ARCADE GE is used for the microbiological cleaning of returnable glass and PET bottles and glasses.

The bottle cleaning machines of the ARCADE GE series offered to our customers are efficient machine systems embodying advanced engineering and technology. Up-to-date procedures applied in their production guarantee their high quality level. Due to the modular design and system conception we are able to meet all our customers’ requests. Interchangeable machine sections and parts as well as a great number of components for additional functions and automation purposes make it possible to satisfy the needs and individual requirements of our customers.

Variable housing dimensions, lye treatment and spraying stations adapted to the concrete situation, energy and water saving components, highest availability, minimum effort required to keep the machine serviced, and a long life time are factors of considerable importance to guarantee that our customers are provided with highly efficient machines that are not harmful to the environment and tailored to suit their needs for microbiologically clean bottles and other vessels.

Special features of the new series are, for example:

  • Individual drives with frequency control for synchronous running.
  • Microelectronic programme control, simple change of process values on the operator terminal, as well as clear text display and error messages.
  • Self-cleaning rotary tube spraying system with readjusting seal.
  • Two-finger bottle pick-up with height of fall = 0.
  • Standard stainless steel finish (type 1.4301) of the bottle infeed and discharge units.
  • Frequency-controlled drives for all bottle-carrying units.
  • 4 heating-up zones and 5 recooling zones.
  • Low heat consumption.
  • Low lye carry-over proportion.
  • Microbiological status of cleaned bottles: perfectly clean.
  • Separation of infeed and discharge zones prevents reinfection.
  • Bottle discharge zone free of vapour and condensed water.
  • Numerous options, such as heat recovery, hot bottle filling, automatic cleaning, machine insulation, and automatic work flow.

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