GM Getränketechnik und Maschinenbau

Customer service

Our aim is to deepen the relationships with our customers, to be a reliable partner for our customers.

Our machines have been designed for long service life and reliable function. Compliance with the quality standards is strictly observed in the manufacturing process. We offer a
comprehensive service so that our customers can be sure that their machine will successfully work over many years.

Once the contract on the delivery of a machine or plant has been concluded, we will continue to act for our customer as its partner, providing our services throughout the whole product lifetime cycle.

On-site service

Bild zum Absatz We offer on-site service for any location

We provide consulting services, put the machines in place and set them into operation, train personnel, deliver spare parts, and maintain and optimise the machines wherever
necessary. For preventive maintenance purposes we offer maintenance contracts. If you, as our customer, decide in favour of remote maintenance via telephone, we can often help you very quickly solve your adjustment problems or fulfil your wishes for optimisation.

Spare parts and general overhauls

  • Overhauls of bottle cleaning machines (also products of other manufacturers)
  • Replacement of modules, such as conveyor chain, basket carriers
  • Optimisation of bottle cleaning machines