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Arcade GEK 3-5

To overview
The bottle cleaning machines of the ARCADE GEK3-5 series are part of a complete type family and have been designed for the performance range from 7,000 to 20,000 bph.

They are of compact design and combine equipment and convenience of our high-performance machines with low space requirements. Their low total height and low-built infeed and discharge units allow them to be used even in small rooms.

The optimal dimensioning of all components ensures high serviceability in the long term. Renowned institutes have confirmed the favourable cost effectiveness due to the economic use of water, low heat consumption and low lye carry-over proportion. Thus, also this series copes with the high demands of the beverage industry, from the economical as well as from the ecological point of view.

The standard equipment of the Bottle Cleaning Machine ARCADE GEK 3-5 includes, among others, the following important parts and features:

  • One-piece block-type machine housing completely made of stainless steel.
  • Bottle infeed with one-finger system and single-finger switch-off.
  • Final emptying with pulsed washing and separate vapour suction.
  • Heating by means of tubular heat exchanger in V4A steel, including control valve.
  • Self-cleaning internal GM rotary tube system for oblique and straight spraying.
  • Bottle discharge with one-finger system – height of fall = 0!
  • Manually operated protective sheathing for discharge unit.
  • Single-shaft drives for main drives (2x), infeed and discharge control for synchronous running – no chains, no cardan shafts!
  • Semi-automatic cleaning and disinfection of head section by using initial solution from the cold water tank.
  • Control cabinet made of stainless steel, mounted to the machine.
  • SIMATIC S7 control; reading of all temperatures and operating states on front control desk.
  • Telephone remote maintenance via modem.
  • Automatic placing in running order, including time-switch controlled filling and heating of baths.

Upon request, the following proven additional equipment or special models can be provided:

  • Insulation in hot lye zone by means of Styrodur and stainless steel cover.
  • High-pressure pre-spraying system for increased output with automatic dirt removal by travelling screen.
  • Fully automatic internal cleaning of the machine in the water, pre-soak and lye 2 zones.
  • Fully automatic lye sedimentation for an increased hold-up time of the lye.
  • Hot bottle discharge; fresh water preheating and heat recovery with plate heat exchanger.
  • Automatic lye dosing with conductivity measurement.
  • Conductivity-controlled dilution of lye 2.

The housing dimensions can be adapted to the constructional requirements:

  • Width of housing from 1,200 to 3,180 mm (grid dimension 220 mm)
  • Length of housing from 7,000 to 9,000 mm (grid dimension 220 mm)
  • Mirror-imaged or partially mirror-imaged design is possible.

Schematic picture

Schematische Darstellung

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